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Master Your Putting Setup: A Simple Drill for Precision and Consistency

Published: 2023-07-28
Master Your Putting Setup: A Simple Drill for Precision and Consistency
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As any avid golfer knows, the art of putting is a critical skill that can make or break your game. Achieving precision and consistency in your putting setup is essential to sink those clutch putts and improve your overall performance on the greens. One often-overlooked aspect of putting is the position of your eyes in relation to the golf ball. To help you get into the proper putting setup and enhance your putting prowess, here's a valuable tip that can revolutionize your game.

Listen up for a trick that will ensure your eyes are perfectly aligned with the golf ball during your putting setup. This simple yet effective drill will help you identify the ideal eye position and, in turn, lead to more accurate putts.




Setting the Foundation

Review the basics of a sound-putting setup before diving into the drill. As you approach your putt, ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart and square to the target line. Your weight should be evenly distributed, providing a stable and balanced foundation. Align your eyes parallel to the putting line and keep your head still throughout the stroke.


The Eye-Position Drill: To incorporate this eye-position drill into your routine, follow these simple steps:




Step 1: Address the Putt.

Take your stance as you normally would when setting up for a putt. Position the golf ball under your eyes, ready to initiate the drill.

Step 2: Drop the Ball.

Hold another golf ball close to your dominant eye, ensuring it is level with the eye or slightly inside. Drop the ball from this position and observe where it lands in relation to the ball on the ground.

Step 3: Interpret the Results.

Interpret the outcome of the ball drop to assess your eye position. There are three possible scenarios:

  • If the dropped ball lands over the actual golf ball on the ground, your eyes are positioned too high, and adjustments are needed to achieve the proper setup.
  • If the dropped ball lands directly on the golf ball, congratulations! You have found the ideal eye position, and your putting setup is spot on.
  • If the dropped ball falls slightly inside the golf ball on the ground, you are still in a good zone, and your eye position is close to the optimal setup.



Applying the Drill:


Now that you've practiced the eye-position drill, it's time to apply it to your putting routine on the greens. Here are some tips to maximize its effectiveness:


  • Consistency is Key: Perform the drill multiple times during practice sessions to ensure consistency in your eye position.
  • Visualize Success: As you drop the ball, visualize the perfect putt rolling into the cup. This positive reinforcement will help build confidence in your setup.
  • Transfer to the Course: Bring this newfound knowledge to the greens when you head out for a round. Trust your instincts and remember the feel of the correct eye position during the drill.
  • Stay Patient: Like any aspect of golf, improvement takes time and patience. Be persistent in your practice; soon, the proper eye position will become second nature.

Remember, small adjustments in your putting setup can significantly improve your overall performance. Incorporating this eye-position drill into your routine will give you the confidence and precision needed to become a master on the greens. So the next time you find yourself on the putting green, take a moment to listen to this valuable tip and watch your putting game soar to new heights.