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Mastering the ATP Shot in Pickleball

Published: 2023-08-11
Mastering the ATP Shot in Pickleball
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In the ever-evolving world of sports, each game has its signature move – that one shot or play that dazzles the audience and has a strategic advantage. For basketball, it's the slam dunk; for soccer, it's the bicycle kick. And in the fast-growing game of pickleball? It's undoubtedly the ATP shot. If you've ever watched a pickleball game and marveled at a shot that curved around the net post and still landed in, you've witnessed the magic of the ATP. Let's dive deep into what this shot is all about and how you can master it.




What is the ATP Shot in Pickleball?


ATP, or "Around The Post," is a mesmerizing shot that does precisely what its name suggests – it goes around the net post rather than over the net. Contrary to what newcomers might think, this shot is entirely legal. The ball doesn’t need to go over the net in pickleball; as long as it passes outside the post without touching it and then lands in the court, it's a valid shot.





Unlocking the Secrets of the ATP:


Embedded in the blog is a comprehensive tutorial video that illustrates the finesse and technique behind the ATP. Here's a breakdown:


  1. Patience is Key: When going for the ATP, wait for the right ball. Not every shot will present the perfect opportunity to go around the post. Resist the temptation if your opponent sends the ball to the middle of your box. Only when the ball goes wide enough you can think of the ATP.
  2. Let the Ball Drop: To perfect your ATP shot, let the ball drop close enough to the ground. This ensures that it travels as wide as possible, giving you a better chance to hit it around the net post without it colliding into the net.
  3. Engaging in Dink Rally: The dink rally, which is a series of soft shots exchanged near the net, can be the opportune moment to execute an ATP, especially when you spot a wide one. Remember to wait. If you rush, chances are the ball will hit the net. But if you let it drop and it goes as wide as possible, you'll have a clear path around the post.
  4. Celebration Tips: Once you master and execute the perfect ATP, the thrill is undeniable. But always remember, there's a fine line between celebration and over-celebration. Celebrate your victory, but always with respect to your opponent.



While seemingly challenging, the ATP shot can be a game-changer when executed correctly. You can add this spectacular shot to your pickleball arsenal with patience, practice, and a keen eye for opportunity. So the next time you're on the court and you see that wide shot, remember the tips above, swing with confidence, and experience the joy of the ATP!