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How To Curve The Ball In 5 Steps In Soccer

Published: 2024-04-21
How To Curve The Ball In 5 Steps In Soccer
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Soccer is a game of skill, precision, and strategy. One important technique for both passing and shooting in soccer is the ability to curve the ball. It involves hitting the ball to let it spin and take on a curved path while in motion, often in the air, making it difficult for the opposing team's goalkeeper to save and for the defenders to intercept. This SportsEdTV guide provides a breakdown of the five essential steps to help you master the technique of curving the ball with precision and accuracy. 


Step 1: Set up a target and understand the path

To improve your soccer skills and master the art of curving the ball, you need to start by setting up a target. In this case, you can use a cone placed approximately 20-30 feet away from the ball. This cone will serve as a guide to help you practice curving the ball around it with precision and control. To begin, position the cone directly in front of your kicking path and aim the ball to the side of the cone. After passing the cone, your goal is to curve the ball back around it and toward your intended target. Consider also having a partner or goal on the other side of the cone so that they can collect the balls afterward.


Step 2: Line up your kick 

Approach the ball from a ~90-degree angle. This means that the ball should be directly in front of you, and the cone should be off to one side (right or left). By positioning yourself slightly off-center compared to where you would stand for a straight kick, you have more room to wrap your foot around the outside of the ball and create spin. If you are a right-footed kicker, approach the ball from the left. Conversely, if you are a left-footed kicker, approach the ball from the right. Finally, give yourself enough space for about three strides before kicking the ball. 



Step 3: Strike the ball off center

If you want to add some curve to your soccer ball's flight path, try hitting it with the inside of your foot, but not exactly at the center. The key to curving the ball is giving it a spin while striking it. You can achieve this by exerting more force on one side of the ball than the other. To get maximum spin and control, focus on hitting the ball cleanly with the inside of your foot. Remember, the more the ball spins, the more it will curve, so practice the technique until you get the desired result. With time and practice, you'll be able to curve the ball like a pro. If you want the ball to curve towards the right, you need to kick it with a clockwise spin. To achieve this, you must kick the ball from the left side. Similarly, if you want the ball to curve towards the left, you need to kick it with a counterclockwise spin. To do this, kick the ball from the right side.



Step 4: Swing your leg around  

As you prepare to execute the kick, position your body in a way that allows you to swing your leg around the ball in a smooth motion. As your leg connects with the ball, make sure to push around it with your foot to increase the rotation and add an extra curve to the ball's trajectory. Maintaining contact with the ball throughout the entire motion is important to produce the maximum amount of spin and precision, swinging your leg across your body in a controlled manner. Pay attention to the angle of your foot/ankle as well. If your ankle is locked outward, it will be harder to curve the ball. If your ankle angles slightly inwards, wrapping around the ball as you connect with it, this can significantly add to the curve of the kick.


Step 5: Aim away from you

When you're trying to curve a ball, try to adjust your shot to account for the natural curve of the ball. This means that you need to aim your shot slightly to the opposite side of where you want the ball to curve. For example, if you're looking to curve the ball to the left, you'll need to kick the ball slightly to the right of your target. By doing this, you ensure that your shot reaches its intended destination accurately, taking the curve of the ball into account.



Mastering this technique requires patience, practice, and precision. Every step in the process plays a crucial role in mastering this skill, from setting up your target to executing the perfect strike. The right posture and balance are key to the successful execution of a curved shot. By incorporating these techniques into your training sessions, you will enhance your game on the field.