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Published: 2021-01-30
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John Graham, Senior Network Administrator in Network Development at St Luke’s University Health Network, demonstrates two excellent exercises utilizing a Heavy Rope & Weighted Sled. Utilizing Weighted sleds can increase energy systems utilized by the athlete in their respective sport.


Utilization of Sled Pulls can increase muscular power, strength & endurance in the muscles of the upper back and arms while Sled Pushes can increase power and force development for sports in which athletes are asked to move an opponent or object.

When performing a Sled Pull, attach a 25 – 30 Foot Heavy Rope to the front of a training sled. Pull the rope taut. Facing the Sled, assume an athletic stance (Chest Up, Shoulders Back & Slightly Forward of the Hips, and a slight bend in the Ankles, Knees & Hips). With a Neutral Grip pull the Sled to you with a hand over hand pull.

When performing a Sled Push grab the bars in a position where the body can be kept in an athletic running position with a firm torso, shoulders upright and head up. Drive the knee of one leg forward toward the chest while simultaneously extending the ankle, knee, and hip of the other leg to propel the sled forward. Continue pushing the sled forward until the rope is extended to full length again.

Beginners (0 – 3 Months Exercise Experience) should perform 1 Push & Pull; Intermediate 2 – 3 Push & Pulls; and Advanced should perform 3 – 4 Push & Pulls. When performing multiple push & pulls rest for a period 2 times greater than the exercise period.