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Basics of Nordic Combined Competition

Published: 2022-01-20
Basics of Nordic Combined Competition
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Nordic Combined is a men’s event at the Olympic Winter Games including two disciplines the ski jumping and cross-country skiing. Athletes need strength and control for ski jumping and incredible endurance for cross-country skiing.

There are three Nordic combined events in 2022. Individual, normal hill, individual large hill, and a team event on the large hill. All three competitions begin with ski jumping, followed by cross-country races in individual events. The cross-country races are 10 kilometers, and the team relay involves four athletes, each completing five kilometers.

A ski jump from start to finish is over in 10 seconds. And despite athletes appearing to fly at heights, they are never more than around three meters from the ground. Each athlete completes one jump and is judged on both style and distance on the large hill.   A key point is 125 meters where competitors must try to land to earn 60 points, meaning additional points for landing beyond it or losing points for coming up short of the key point. 

Precision fluidity and control from takeoff to landing can earn a maximum of 60 style points. To optimize speed and reduce the effect of gravity during the flight phase. Ski jumping requires athletes to have a low body mass.

In contrast, cross-country skiing requires upper body strength and muscle mass to compete effectively. Skiers use the herringbone technique on steep hills skis positioned in a V-shape, planting the inside edge of the ski into the snow. The steeper the hill, the wider the V’s are placed in the snow. The tuck is the simplest and fastest technique in downhill.  A lower stance helps reduce drag and optimizes speed on downward inclines.

Athletes in Nordic combined must find that delicate balance lightweight with good, lower body strength for ski jumping and incredible endurance for cross-country skiing. An intriguing combination making Nordic combined an exciting sport to watch. Keep cup.

In Depth Nordic Combined Info Courtesy of NBC Olympics