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Learn While Watching: 2023 World Cup

Published: 2023-07-22
Learn While Watching: 2023 World Cup
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Karl Dewazien of FUNdamental SOCCER, Emeritus State Director of Coaching for the California Youth Soccer Association 1978-2012, discusses how we can learn while watching the 2023 World Cup with innovative assignments.


Say goodbye to Traditional Game Analyzing, and get ready to supercharge your players' and parents' passion for watching WC games with Innovative Assignments!

Drawing from the resounding success of my previous articles, “Empowering Steps” and “Unleash Your Players Potential," Prepare to embark on a continued exhilarating journey with cutting-edge assignments that will revolutionize how to experience the 2023 WC matches.

Whether you're a coach eager to inspire your team, a player seeking to elevate your skills, a parent bonding over the beautiful game with your children, or a devoted fan immersed in the spectacle of soccer, these assignments are your gateway to redefining your World Cup watching.

Together, let's harness the 2023 World Cup as a powerful learning tool, deepening our understanding and unwavering enjoyment of the world's most beloved sport.


Match Analysis: Encourage players to analyze the matches they watch by focusing on specific aspects such as tactics, player movements, or set pieces. Ask them to take notes on key moments, team strategies, or individual player performances.

Player Spotlight: Assign players to choose a specific player from each team and observe their playing style, strengths, and weaknesses. They can create a mini-report or presentation to share their insights with the coach or team.


FUNdamental Edge Assignments

Game Prediction: Step into the shoes of a sports analyst! Encourage players and parents to analyze team performances, assess players' strategies, and predict match outcomes. From passionate debates to friendly rivalries, this assignment should fuel excitement and encourage deeper engagement with each game.

Create a Fantasy Team: "Become the ultimate Coach!” Have players draft their fantasy team using players from different World Cup squads. Challenge your players and parents to build their dream teams using real-world players. They'll need to consider player strengths, formations, and tactics to create a winning lineup. This assignment should ignite their strategic thinking and stimulate discussions on the best players and formations for each game.

Goal Celebration Challenge: "Unleash your creativity on the field!” Let your players and parents design unique and unforgettable goal celebrations. From choreographed dances to funny gestures, this assignment should add extra excitement to each goal scored. It's an opportunity for your players to express their individuality and team spirit in the most captivating way."

Cultural Exploration: Encourage players to learn about different countries' cultures and traditions represented in the World Cup. They can research interesting facts and traditions or even try cooking a dish from a specific country to get a deeper appreciation of the global nature of the tournament.

Team Analysis: Assign players to choose a particular team from the World Cup and research its history, playing style, and notable players. They can present their findings to the coach and teammates, fostering discussion and knowledge sharing.

Language Learning: "Expand horizons beyond the game!” Encourage your players and parents to learn phrases and greetings in different languages spoken by World Cup teams. By embracing language learning, they'll develop a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures and enhance their communication skills both on and off the field. This assignment opens doors to new connections and a richer global perspective.

World Cup Scrapbook: "Capture memories that last a lifetime!” Urge your players and parents to create a visual journey of the World Cup. From newspaper clippings to photographs and personal reflections, this assignment will transform into a cherished keepsake. It allows everyone to relive the most thrilling moments, celebrate achievements, and preserve the magic of the tournament for years to come.

Player Reflections: After each game, prompt players to write or record a short reflection on their favorite moment, a surprising performance, or an aspect of the game that inspired them. They can share these reflections with the coach or discuss them as a team.


Your FUNdamental,

Koach Karl (Karl Dewazien)