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5 Drills To Help Your Team Score

Published: 2022-12-26
5 Drills To Help Your Team Score
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Scoring is one of the most essential skills in soccer. There are several factors that can contribute to a team’s ability to create effective attacks, including:

  1. Movement off the ball: Players should make runs and movements to create space and create openings for their teammates.
  2. Passing and ball control: Players should be able to pass accurately and control the ball well in order to keep possession and move the ball up the field.
  3. Finishing: Players should have good shooting technique and be able to finish chances when they come.
  4. Creativity: Players should be able to think creatively and come up with new and unpredictable ways to break down the opposition's defense.
  5. Teamwork: The attack should work together as a unit, with players supporting each other and making runs to create openings for their teammates.
  6. Shape: The team's formation and positioning can also play a role in the effectiveness of the attack.
  7. Pace: A team with fast, attacking players can often catch the opposition off guard and create chances quickly.




Oftentimes, an effective attack in soccer is the result of a combination of these factors, and it requires players to work together and be able to execute a range of technical and tactical skills. Here are 5 drills that can help your team improve their attacking ability.


Drill 1: Striker vs Defender


This drill pits one attacker against one defender and a goalie. The attacker has a head start, and as a result, must dribble very quickly toward goal and finish while running at speed before the defender catches up with them. There are several reasons why it is important for soccer attackers to practice finishing at speed and under pressure. In a game, attackers often have to finish chances while running at full speed and with defenders closing in on them. Practicing these types of finishes helps attackers to develop the necessary skills and confidence to convert chances in game situations. Finishing at speed and under pressure requires good technique, control, and decision-making. By practicing these types of finishes, attackers can improve their technical skills and decision-making abilities. Finishing at speed and under pressure can also improve an attacker's overall game awareness and spatial awareness, as they have to quickly assess the situation and make split-second decisions about where to place the ball.


Drill 2: Heading To Score


This drill helps players practice heading in front of goal. Heading is a key skill for attackers, as it allows them to score goals from crosses and set-pieces. By practicing heading, attackers can improve their ability to get on the end of crosses and win headers in the box. Heading also requires good technique, timing, and positioning. This drill can help attackers to become more effective in a variety of attacking situations and contribute more to their team's attacking play.


Dril 3: The Perfect Team Goal Pattern


In this drill, midfielders and forwards go through a predetermined passing, crossing, and finishing pattern. Soccer teams should practice predetermined passing and scoring combinations in order to have a planned and rehearsed strategy for creating scoring opportunities and exploiting weaknesses in the opposition's defense. These types of set plays can be an effective way for a team to break through the opposition's defense and create chances to score goals. They can also help a team to be more organized and cohesive in attack, as the players will know their roles and responsibilities in executing the play. They are used to improve a team's overall teamwork and communication, as the players will need to work together and communicate effectively in order to execute the play successfully. Finally, rehearsing these types of set plays can help a team to develop a better understanding of how to create scoring opportunities and make them comfortable with an effective passing pattern.


Dril 4: Decision-Making Shooting


Shooting drills that involve decision-making help attackers develop the ability to read the goalie. This can help them make better decisions when shooting. These soccer drills also help attackers improve their shooting accuracy, as they have to make quick and accurate shots under pressure. Decision-making shooting drills also help attackers develop their mental toughness and focus, as they have to make quick decisions under pressure.

Overall, decision-making shooting drills are an important part of a soccer attacker's training regimen, as they help attackers develop the skills and mental toughness needed to succeed on the field.


Dril 5: Beat The Man


In this drill, players practice a variety of skill moves against a dummy defender. Once players get comfortable with these skills in this setting, they should practice them against live defenders. Skill moves are an important part of a soccer attacker's game, as they can be used to deceive and beat defenders, retain possession, create space for teammates, and showcase a player's technical ability and creativity. By using skill moves to change direction or speed, attackers can create space for themselves and their teammates, and create scoring opportunities.

Attacking drills are an essential part of a soccer player's training regimen, as they help players develop the skills and practice needed to succeed on the field. By practicing a variety of attacking drills like these, soccer attackers can become more confident, skilled, and effective.