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Unlocking the Health Benefits of Pickleball: Insights from Apple's Research

Published: 2023-10-18
Unlocking the Health Benefits of Pickleball: Insights from Apple's Research
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In a groundbreaking research endeavor, Apple has unveiled an array of intriguing insights into the health benefits of pickleball, a sport that is rapidly gaining global recognition. The Apple Heart and Movement Study explored the exercise data associated with pickleball and tennis aficionados, aiming to comprehend how these sports influence overall health. Within this article, we will delve deep into the findings of the Apple study, providing a comprehensive overview while amalgamating supplementary pertinent information about these two sports.


The Phenomenon of Pickleball's Popularity

This study harnessed one of the most expansive observational datasets ever compiled concerning pickleball activity, meticulously collected through the use of an Apple Watch. What surfaced from this treasure trove of data was nothing short of astounding. Young and old participants immersed themselves in marathon sessions of pickleball and tennis, consistently pushing their bodies to attain an average peak heart rate equivalent to 70 percent of their estimated maximum heart rate. Notably, pickleball workouts were observed to be slightly lengthier in duration than their tennis counterparts, averaging around 90 minutes.





Heart Health and Exercise Intensity

The intriguing facet of the study emerged when the researchers scrutinized the heart rate data. Tennis workouts emerged as the sport with the higher average peak heart rate, clocking in at an impressive 152 beats per minute, compared to pickleball's respectable 143 beats per minute. Moreover, tennis workouts showcased a proclivity for spending more time within the higher-intensity heart rate zones as opposed to pickleball workouts. This discovery underscores that sports, tennis and pickleball, hold the potential for substantial cardiovascular advantages, with tennis offering a somewhat more strenuous workout regimen.


Mental Well-being and Physical Activity

However, this study did not merely focus on the physical aspects; it also scrutinized the impact of these activities on mental health. Participants were offered the opportunity to partake in a mental health survey, which included a depression screening tool known as the Patient Health Questionnaire-2 (PHQ-2). Encouragingly, instances of a depressed mood were exceedingly rare across the board. Intriguingly, those individuals who frequently engaged in either pickleball or tennis exhibited significantly lower PHQ-2 scores, signifying a markedly superior state of mental well-being. Thus, it is evident that engaging in physical activity, whether in pickleball or tennis, can profoundly positively influence one's mental health.

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The Ascendancy of Pickleball

Perhaps the most noteworthy revelation unearthed by the study is the exponential growth in the popularity of pickleball workouts. In a significant milestone, the number of participants engaging in pickleball in July 2023 eclipsed the number of those participating in tennis for the first time. This remarkable shift not only underscores the burgeoning allure of pickleball as a recreational sport but also substantiates its ascent to prominence in the realm of physical fitness.



Demographic Dynamics

The research further unveiled that both sports transcended age barriers, catering to enthusiasts across all adult age groups. Interestingly, men exhibited a heightened proclivity for participation compared to women in pickleball and tennis. On average, individuals who partook in a minimum of 10 pickleball workouts were marginally older than their tennis-playing counterparts, with the former averaging around 51 years of age while the latter averaged around 45.




Utah's Love Affair with Pickleball

Utah emerged as a notable standout in the research, earning the distinction of being the state with the highest per capita participation in pickleball. Approximately one in every 16 study participants in Utah enthusiastically embraced the sport. The state's fervor for pickleball serves as a compelling testament to the sport's efficacy in promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles.



The Apple Heart and Movement Study has unveiled invaluable insights into the health benefits of pickleball and tennis. These revelations underscore the positive effects of these sports on heart health, physical fitness, and mental well-being. As pickleball continues its meteoric rise in popularity, it stands as a formidable contender alongside tennis, offering individuals of all ages a pleasurable and healthful avenue for exercise. Whether wielding a racket or paddle, these sports effectively enhance overall health and well-being.


Pickleball: The Social and Health Boosting Sport