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The Winning Formula: How Sports Can Elevate Your Business Career

Published: 2023-11-08
The Winning Formula: How Sports Can Elevate Your Business Career
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Engaging in sports and pursuing a career as a realtor are parallel journeys that offer profound lessons, each contributing significantly to success in their respective arenas. My journey in organized sports commenced at the tender age of 5 when I joined the cheerleading squad—an endeavor that continued to shape my experiences until my senior year of high school. While I didn't secure the coveted spots on the A team in basketball and volleyball during middle school, I did run track and achieved a notable achievement by making the Varsity cheerleading team as a sophomore, a privilege granted to only two sophomores.

Reflecting on the experiences from my sports, I often find myself reminding my boys with tales of my sports endeavors. However, their occasional skepticism, particularly when they learn about my time on the B team, reveals a misunderstanding. I am quick to remind them that what they fail to comprehend is the universal truth that the effort invested, irrespective of team designation, remains the same. I humorously suggest that the only reason I found myself on the B team was that the A team simply ran out of space. This early lesson ingrained in me the importance of persistence, emphasizing that setbacks should not equate to giving up. To achieve one's goals, dedication and hard work are imperative. The lessons drawn from my involvement in sports extend far beyond the realm of physical activity and competition. They serve as a vessel for the development of crucial life skills such as teamwork, communication, goal setting, discipline, work ethic, resilience, and time management.


In the realm of teamwork, the collaborative nature of sports, whether on the court, track, or in the cheerleading arena, emphasizes the significance of working together. Winning requires effective collaboration, a principle equally applicable to real estate transactions. Success in the real estate industry centers on our ability to collaboratively work with other professionals, clients, and entities involved in the intricate process leading to a successful transaction. Effective communication is paramount in sports, as coaches continuously emphasize the need for players to talk to one another. Whether it's signaling plays on the court or coordinating stunts in cheerleading, clear communication is integral. Similarly, in real estate, transparent and effective communication with clients, colleagues, and all involved parties is imperative for a seamless transaction.




Sports instill the importance of setting and pursuing goals, a lesson directly applicable to real estate. In the realm of real estate, success demands meticulous tracking and monitoring of business activities. Creating a business plan becomes a strategic tool for goal setting and tracking progress. Acquiring new clients and maintaining relationships with past clients are objectives that must be methodically tracked for sustained success. The rigors of sports cultivate discipline and a robust work ethic, qualities equally vital in the real estate industry. Proactive efforts, continuous learning, and consistent hard work serve as the building blocks to achieving success as a realtor.

Facing challenges, setbacks, and defeats is inherent in sports. Similarly, realtors encounter obstacles every day in the dynamic and competitive real estate market. The ability to rebound from setbacks, educate clients, stay motivated, and persevere is a shared trait between athletes and real estate professionals. Balancing sports commitments with other responsibilities demands effective time management. Realtors, too, must efficiently manage their time to navigate the countless tasks integral to real estate transactions. The dynamic nature of both sports and real estate demands adaptability and strategic allocation of time and resources.


While engagement in sports may not be a mandatory prerequisite for excelling as a realtor, the skills and mindset practiced through athletic pursuits undeniably contribute to excellence in the real estate profession. As a parent of three boys actively involved in sports, I leverage these experiences to teach life lessons, recognizing that the language of sports resonates profoundly with them. The transferable skills acquired through sports enrich one's personal development, resilience, and determination, key ingredients for success in the multifaceted world of real estate.


Alicia Jammer