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Purpose, Passion, and Perseverance - The 3 Ps to a meaningful life

Published: 2023-03-12
Purpose, Passion, and Perseverance - The 3 Ps to a meaningful life
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Passion, purpose, and perseverance are the three Ps that help drive success to a different level.


Passion refers to a strong emotional attachment to something. Purpose refers to an individual's sense of direction and meaning in life. Perseverance is the never-give-up attitude that ties a neat bow around the package to drive you to success.


A person with a grand purpose and a passion for pursuing it can change the world. When you add perseverance to the mix, they become an unstoppable force. 




It starts with purpose, but discovering one's purpose can be challenging. Where do you start looking? How do you find it? Is it under a rock? 


Purpose can feel elusive for many, but it is necessary to achieve a fulfilling life. It can be elusive because there are many unspoken expectations in the world. We are told to do well at school to go to a good college. We are expected to study hard to ensure an excellent education (not that there is anything wrong with gaining an excellent education), which will get us into the dream college and the perfect job. The drive for money, prestige, and material wealth is pervasive. We would be happy if we could get that nice car, that expensive watch, and the mansion on the hill.



I believe the drive for contracts and signed deals with large sporting franchises distract kids from their sporting experience's true purpose. What if we were to change this narrative and help our young people search for meaning and purpose? What if you were to examine your life to discover the purpose you know has always been there?


You can start discovering your purpose by exploring your life story and what you love to do. The joyful moments in your life can be great springboards for discovery. Do not be afraid to examine the darkest moments of your life. When something terrible has happened, the desire to help others, not experience what you went through, can be huge. Another arena to look at is your values and beliefs; what about you could spark a journey of purpose? 


Ask questions and be curious. Once you have a purpose identified, it can become a powerful motivator in achieving personal and professional goals.


When you think about your purpose, consider everything you would change in the world if you knew you couldn't fail. Look beyond the ought to's and must-haves. Think more broadly than what is being sold through the media. More money, a bigger house in a flash neighborhood, and all the gadgets and gizmos are things to have, not a purpose worth pursuing. They are distractions along the way to a much bigger dream.


To discover your purpose try asking, "What if?" Questions. What if everyone had access to clean water? What if equal rights really meant equal? What if sports were more accessible to every kid around the world? What if there was no poverty, homelessness, physical abuse, or greed? You get the idea - look at those things that trouble you, get under your skin, and make you feel sick to the stomach. 



Becoming successful in any sport takes more than just physical strength and talent. Athletes are known for their dedication, perseverance, and competitive spirit. Passion is the driving force that motivates athletes to take on challenges, push through pain, and overcome obstacles. It's an inner drive that fuels the desire to achieve greatness and a determination never to give up. A deep passion and love for the game can make all the difference. 





I love the World Cup. Beyond the brilliance of the game, the best players performing, the demonstrations of teamwork, the upsets that can take place, and all the drama, the fans bring it alive. They sing, dance, chant, cheer, and show their passion for the team and their country. The passion of those who travel from around the world, some spending their life savings, make the World Cup.


Passion is the driving force that will bring your purpose to life. It will allow you to push through the discomfort and pain of creating something magnificent. It will get you to jump out of bed every morning, saying, "today is going to be an awesome day." Passion is the trump card when you feel overwhelmed and ready to quit. It will push you beyond what you think is possible and help you reach your goal.


One of the most inspiring examples of passion in sports is Michael Jordan. His unwavering love for basketball drove him to work harder and become one of the greatest athletes ever. He once said, "I've failed repeatedly in my life, and that is why I succeed." 


Passion is what keeps athletes going when times get tough. When injuries or setbacks happen, it's easy to become discouraged and lose motivation. But for athletes with genuine passion, these obstacles are temporary roadblocks that can be overcome with hard work and determination. When athletes have a real passion for their sport, their mindset shifts. Instead of seeing competitions as a chore, they see them as an opportunity to showcase their skills and push themselves to new heights. 


Passion can't be manufactured or faked; it comes from within. For athletes, having a deep passion for their sport is what turns them from good to great. So, keep that fire burning and remember why you fell in love with the game in the first place.


You may be passionate about many other things, and that is okay. After you have explored your purpose, ask yourself if there is a passion that will drive you through those challenging times. Does what you thought of as your purpose stir up feelings that make you itch to start taking action?


You see, passion alone is not enough to achieve a sense of fulfillment in life – it must be coupled with your purpose. It is your purpose that provides direction and meaning to your life. When passion and purpose combine, you are more likely to feel fulfilled and find meaning in life.



Perseverance is a quality of character that plays a crucial role in achieving success in any arena of life. When it comes to the ups and downs of sports, it is essential to realize one's fullest potential. Without the drive to push through the demanding challenges and obstacles, we would give up at the first hurdle and never realize our dreams.



I can't help but think about the Navy SEALS BUD/s training. Everything I read about that experience has perseverance at its core—those who make it must endure and push through. Those who ring the bell feel relieved at the time because they no longer have to survive the punishment of the training, but soon after, they feel a pang of regret wondering what could have been.


We go to the gym to get fit and healthy, look and feel good, and socialize. We use the resistance of weight machines to build muscles, knowing that the resistance rips the muscle, allowing it to regrow, heal, and grow. There is no difference when it comes to increasing the muscle of perseverance, and it is a muscle. Those special forces operators who make it through the grueling training work on every aspect of their body. They are physically, mentally, and spiritually tough and know they must go to the "gym" to gain strength in every area of their life.


Here are some thoughts that will help you develop the type of perseverance you will need to be at the top of your game.


Staying focused on the long-term objective is essential as you navigate the successes and failures of your journey. There will be short-term disappointments and losses; these should never cause one's long-term ambitions to become unrealized. There is a skill in learning from such experiences as they provide invaluable insight into areas needing work.


Setting small, achievable goals can act as great motivation for sustained effort over time. Think of the rush of endorphins you experience by adding a completion checkmark to any item on your to-do list. I am not saying to only focus on the small goals; you must have that BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). After all, this is the goal that requires your perseverance. But rather than giving up due to lack of immediate success on something that stretches you to your limits and asks new things of you, it is wise to have the small goals you can accomplish on your way to brilliance.


A positive attitude is more than just a platitude regarding perseverance. Regardless of your situation or current skill level, striving to maintain a positive attitude keeps you in the game and helps you maintain the will to carry on. This optimistic attitude will help keep you focused on your goals and prevent negative thoughts from derailing your progress. 


When considering perseverance, we must talk about the art of reflection. How can you check progress without the odd glance in the mirror? Periodically taking stock of how far you have come since beginning your journey will provide great feedback for the brain. 


If the goal you are aiming for is from your heart, worthy, and helps others, never give up. I can assure your life will get hard; it inevitably does. To help you through those challenging times, you can draw inspiration from other successful stories within your sport (or ones outside it!) if needed. 


Remember, continuing with unwavering determination pays off, and perseverance in adversity will get you to your goals. 




Purpose, when coupled with an unwavering passion and the desire to persevere and do whatever it takes, are essential components of a fulfilling life. Passion provides the energy and motivation to pursue one's goals, while purpose provides direction and meaning. Add to that mix perseverance, and you will become an unstoppable force in doing good in the world.