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Overgrip Your Pickleball Paddle

Overgrip Your Pickleball Paddle
Published: 2022-07-21
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What is an overgrip on a pickleball paddle?

An overgrip is a soft, padded, cloth-like tape that wraps around the grip of your pickleball paddle.


Why overgrip your pickleball paddle?

Many reasons: increased sweat absorption; expand the circumference of your grip; and/or add more cushioning for comfort.

Overgrips are inexpensive and come in many different colors and patterns.

How to overgrip your pickleball paddle?

Overgrips are generally applied from the bottom of the paddle or “butt cap” and up towards the neck or throat of the paddle. You can wrap the grip as tight or loose as you’d like, depending on how you like the feel. 

When you are done wrapping make sure the finishing tape is making contact with the grip as well as the paddle. Wrap carefully.

Tourna Grip for Pickleball Paddles

tourna grip for pickleball paddles

Tourna Grip for pickleball

The Tourna Pickleball Grip will ensure you have full control of your paddle no matter how sunny or sweaty your conditions get. The material feels dry rather than tacky to the touch, but it prevents your hand from slipping during sweaty, intense games.

I started using the Tourna Grip with tennis and as I sweat easily, I needed something that really helped with the humidity. I never looked back. You will have to change your tape regularly depending on how much you play and how much you sweat

The Tourna Pickleball Grip is known as the “light blue grip that doesn’t slip.” Originating in the tennis world, it is extremely moisture absorbent and ideal for hot and humid days. The material feels dry rather than tacky to the touch, but prevents your hand from slipping during heated games. This grip has a popular following that counts many professional racquet sports players among its fans.

The Tourna Pickleball Grip comes in two rolls so that you can build up your handle to the size you prefer. You can use this grip to completely replace the one that comes with your paddle or add it right on top so that it creates a more cushioned effect.


Start with the butt cap and do as many overlaps there as you like (some people like their cap to be fat). Make sure to go slightly over the edge.



Start wrapping the grip by always tightening the tape and overlapping it over. Depending on the thickness you like, the overlap can go up to ¾ of the tape you just applied on the previous round.



Keep doing it until you reach the top



Once you reach the other end of the paddle grip, simply cut the tape.



You can then apply the small red (or other color) tape that came in the box. Go around to make sure the blue tape stays in place. 



Voila! You’re ready to go play and sweat. Don't forget your wristband.

Make sure you have the right equipment underneath the tape. Check out our suggested HEAD paddles