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Is It Pickleball Elbow?

Published: 2022-06-28
Is It Pickleball Elbow?
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As the weather improved, we started to see an increasing number of elbow pain cases in our practice. 

If you are currently battling elbow pain or muscle tightness around your elbow joint and are an individual who regularly enjoys pickleball matches (tennis and golf lovers, do we need to say more?), you might want to try this test on your own when you can:

Take right elbow pain, for example. Try the following tests to see what some possible causes of your elbow pain are:

  • First, use your left hand to grab hold of your right forearm just about an inch down from your right elbow. While you apply pressure, squeeze your forearm and move your wrist up and down to see if your elbow pain will subside or decrease.
  • Second, repeat the same procedure mentioned above. Instead of moving your right wrist up and down, try opening and closing your right hand this time if there are any changes in your elbow or forearm pain.
  • Third, if neither of the two previous tests reduces your elbow pain, you may want to check in with your doctor to make sure any other underlying issues that might cause elbow pain (for example, stress or avulsion fractures, biceps/triceps strain, or upper arm involvement or other related referral pain, etc.)

The above self-tests are not substitutes for medical evaluations, proper diagnosis, and treatment plans, as may be prescribed by your health providers.

If any of these self-tests reduce your elbow pain, you will know your elbow pain is very likely due to your forearm region muscle group's imbalance.


Most elbow pain can be treated and managed with conservative care, which includes strengthening and stretching different muscle groups in your arms.

Try this forearm stretching at-home video below: