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How to Hit a Two Handed Backhand in Pickleball

Published: 2023-01-30
How to Hit a Two Handed Backhand in Pickleball
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"Perfecting Your Two-Handed Backhand in Pickleball: A Guide by Matt Slowinski from The Pickleball Clinic

Are you looking to take your two-handed backhand drive game to the next level? Look no further! Matt from the Pickleball Clinic is here to give you three expert tips to correct some of the most common errors that beginner and intermediate-level players make.


What is the two-handed backhand in pickleball?

A two-handed backhand in pickleball is a shot that is played using two hands to grip the pickleball paddle. This shot is executed by using both hands to generate more power and control, allowing the player to hit the ball with greater force and accuracy. A backhand shot is typically used when the player is on the non-dominant side of the court, and it involves hitting the ball with the back of the paddle. The two-handed backhand is an advanced shot that requires good hand-eye coordination and proper technique, but it can be a very effective weapon for players who master it.



The most common errors with the 2-handed backhand in pickleball include:

  • Overlapping hands on the paddle grip, instead of touching but not overlapping.
  • Hinging at the back instead of bending at the knees to get low.
  • Stopping the follow-through after making contact with the ball instead of continuing over the shoulder and dominant elbow.
  • Jamming the elbow instead of keeping it out and pointing it off to the side.
  • Not rotating the paddle enough to be square 90 degrees to the net.


These are some of the errors that beginner and intermediate-level players often make with the two-handed backhand drive. It's important to address and correct these mistakes to improve the power, control, and overall effectiveness of the shot.

Are three tips on how to perfect your two-handed backhand drive. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate player, these tips are sure to help you correct some of the most common errors that players make when executing the two-handed backhand. Whether it's getting the right grip, bending your knees, or following through, these tips are sure to help you up your pickleball game.





Tip #1: The Grip

One of the most important aspects of a successful two-handed backhand drive is the grip. Beginners often overlap their hands on the paddle, but to get the best results, you want your hands touching but not overlapping. Find a comfortable grip that works for you and your paddle. If your paddle has a long enough grip, both hands should fit, but if not, you can place your left finger on top.



pickleball grip



Tip #2: The Knee Bend

To get the power and control you need for your two-handed backhand drive, it's crucial to bend your knees and get low to the ground. Beginners tend to hinge at the back, which can result in a loss of power and control. Instead, bend at the knees and bring the paddle back, step into the ball, and follow through by coming up. Keep your back straight and bend at the knees for optimal results.






Tip #3: The Follow Through

The follow-through is key to maintaining power and control on your two-handed backhand drive. Beginners often stop their follow-through once they make contact with the ball, but it's important to continue the follow-through over your shoulder and dominant elbow. Keep your elbow pointed out to the side to allow for full rotation and maximize your results.




By incorporating these three tips into your two-handed backhand drive, you'll be well on your way to becoming a pickleball pro! So, grab your paddle and get ready to perfect your two-handed backhand drive today. Happy playing!"