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Boxing Gym - How Is Boxing Good for Everyday Fitness

Published: 2023-01-06
Boxing Gym - How Is Boxing Good for Everyday Fitness
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Boxing is good for you!

This statement appears counterintuitive because boxing is often associated with violence and injuries.

However, outside of the ring, training in boxing can have many significant health benefits. It can be a psychological stress relief and a way to stay in shape. Getting started is easy because boxing equipment is inexpensive and there are many ways to train indoors or outdoors.

Boxing Gyms

All major cities have boxing gyms with affordable memberships. Many gyms are family friendly although some traditional gyms can be a bit unwelcoming to a beginner uncustomed to the boxing culture. It is not that people in these gyms are not friendly but some of them are in somewhat rough old neighborhoods that can at least appear dangerous. They are very traditional in the sense that they may be worn out and beaten down. For real boxers, these are the real beloved gyms that are the essence of the sport.

For a beginner, however, they can be too extreme and therefore it makes sense for beginners to start with more beginner-friendly locations or at-home training.

Boxing is traditionally a blue-collar sport and often a way for men and women from lower socio-economic groups to find a way out of poverty. However, this may not be the case as much anymore as it used to be. Some of the best gyms and best trainers can be quite expensive and not accessible to someone without adequate means.

Boxing is now becoming mainstream with many gyms opening in more upper-class neighborhoods and suburbs as well. It is not an inner-city sport anymore although it has these roots. As a competitive professional sport, some boxers make a lot of money, but a large majority of professional boxers barely make a living.

Boxing is not a guaranteed ticket to wealth and there is much more to it than just prizefighting. Therefore, one does not have to become a competitive boxer seeking money to enjoy the benefits of boxing and to start their boxing fitness journey.

The boxing-for-fitness gyms exist for everyone.


Is boxing good for fitness?

As a form of exercise, boxing is very good for full-body conditioning. A boxer does not punch with hands alone; a boxer uses the entire body. The power for the punch comes from every muscle in the body through the process called kinetic linking.

Boxing involves cardio exercise as well as strength and conditioning. It improves speed, endurance, and flexibility, as well as muscle growth. The training part of boxing is also incredibly safe and injury free if one stays out of the actual ring.

Sparring can be done safely but should be supervised by an experienced trainer. Nobody should get into the ring with anyone before being trained and prepared. Boxing is a technique sport and requires a certain level of skill before it is attempted in the ring.

However, training with a heavy bag or speed bag does not require the same level of preparation. A little bit of technical training and some shadowboxing to learn the basics is sufficient for someone to benefit from punching bags.

Boxing training can also be fun when done with other people. Training with punching mitts can be a fun activity for two people. Shadowboxing can be done in groups as aerobic training.

Jumping ropes can also be utilized in a group setting. While boxing is said to be the loneliest sport, it does not have to be. Training can be a form of socializing with others. A variety of drills can be developed to rotate people from one exercise to another to develop a fun all-body training session for everyone. I

There is a sort of a warrior bond between fighters and boxers are known to show sportsmanship toward each other. Boxers respect each other because they know how hard the sport is. Do not be fooled by the professional pre-fight antics and theatrics when fighters are sharing insults.

That is just a part of the fight promotion. Viewers get excited when they see animosity between fighters but behind the scenes, most fighters maintain mutual respect.


Is it easy to start boxing?

Boxers tend to be down-to-earth people and generally welcome new trainees with open arms. There is no need to be cautious due to the tough exterior appearance of boxers. They are a friendly group.

To start boxing training, all one needs is some basic equipment and instruction. This can be done in the privacy of one’s home. It is easy to install punching bags and boxing gloves are easily available at any sporting store.

There are videos available online to follow and learn the basics. New training videos are being prepared and made available all the time on platforms and channels such as SportsEdTV so stay tuned.