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Best Pickleball Portable Net

Published: 2022-12-14
Best Pickleball Portable Net
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Pickleball Nets you can pack up and use floor space for other things (portables) are common on tennis courts and gyms.  Driveways and safe streets, parking lots, and roofs are also likely candidates for setting up a pickleball play area quickly and for a low investment.  

Factors to consider when using a portable pickleball net

If you are in the market for a tournament net, look for a durable study netting system that is standard regulation size.  Maybe it is just a recreational net you seek, and price and easy setup are most important. One thought you might give if you have plenty of space is nets on wheels that can be rolled off the surface when not in play without having to be taken down.

Bear in mind that weight will be important in your purchase, especially if frequent transportation will be a feature of your net use.  Most truly portable pickleball nets will come with a carrying bag with straps or wheels.


IFP and USA Pickleball Regulations for Tournament-Approved Nets

The guidelines of USA Pickleball and the International Federation of Pickleball say regulations nets are 22 feet and 36 inches high at the sidelines, and in the center, they are 34 inches.  The extra two feet extend past a regulation court’s width of 20 feet by a foot on each side, past the sidelines.

Pickleball Practice Nets

Perhaps you are looking for a pickleball net for practice or recreational games, or maybe you don't have enough space for an official net. Some smaller nets can solve the task and are less expensive.  Some makers provide 20' wide nets or even smaller 10' nets that are used in many creative pickleball ways.

Popular Portable Pickleball Nets

Mini Practice Nets 10’

One selection for smaller practicing and creative play in small spaces can be the 10’ net by Picklenet

Portable 20 ‘ Pickleball Nets

A lightweight and affordable portable 20’ net is the Rally Portable Lightweight Pickleball Net System and can be a good, durable option for players who don't need a tournament-sized net.  It is quick and easy to assemble, featuring a shock cord connection on the frame parts.

Nets That Meet USA Pickleball and IFP 22’ Guidelines

Players seem to favor nets with a space below the bottom of the net like the Rally Portable Net System.  It makes for convenient rolling of balls beneath the net, on-point changes, etc.  They are sturdy options for recreational and tournament play and are easy to assemble.

Another is SwiftNet 2.1 Portable Pickleball Net System which plays like a permanent net due to the strong framing.  It weighs only 17 lbs and that includes the bag, so it's easy to carry, easy assembly is a reason to consider making the investment a good one.


Roll-Away-Pickleball Nets

Roll-Away nets on wheels like the Douglas Net Premier PPF-22SQ Portable Pickleball Net System turns valuable space into variable space, allowing multiple-use programs.  Its wheels give courts and floors many lives and are great options for multi-use locations quickly changing from pickleball to next use.  It’s as close to a permanent net as you might get, and was developed for use at USA Pickleball National Championships.   

Regulation  22’ sized roll-away nets like Franklin’s Portable Net make it easy to slide the net on and off courts.   Maneuvering is swift and simple.