A Guide to Pickleball Organizations

A Guide to Pickleball Organizations
Published: 2022-05-30
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As Pickleball has grown, organizations serving the sports’ players, facilities and fans have been formed to provide order, instruction, competition, facilities and equipment to the millions who play the game.

Here is a list of the significant governing bodies, leagues and associations which impact the growth of the sport.  It should be noted that many have regional and/or state chapters which serve more localized Pickleball constituencies.

These governing bodies and associations are good reference sources for pickleball related products and services as their credibility as well as those of their sponsors is at stake as millions of players rely on their vetting process in accepting commercial support.

International & National Federations

These are organizations offering international governance of the sport.

 International Federation of Pickleball

 IFP, formed in 2010 is a repository of Pickleball rules, has 63 member countries, provides training online and via IFP Academy, curates a worldwide directory of IFP certified instructors, publishes a magazine and stages The Bainbridge Cup, promoted as the World Cup of Pickleball.  Dates and locations of the 2022 Bainbridge Cup tournaments are yet to be announced.  IFP invites individual memberships.

World Pickleball Federation

WPF is currently comprised of six regional federations in Asia, Africa Europe, North and South Americas and an Oceanic federation. WPF currently lists 35 countries as members.  WPF hosts Pickleball Global’s ranking of worldwide pickleball players and will stage the inaugural World Pickleball Games, team competitions consisting men’s and women’s doubles and singles and mixed doubles in May of 2023.

 USA Pickleball

USA Pickleball is the national governing body for the sport of pickleball in the US and provides players with official rules, tournaments, rankings and a searchable places to play.  It partners with Professional Pickleball Registry in certifying professionals and stages National Championships and a National Championship Series, Diamond Amateur National and Regional Championships and the APP Tour as well as providing a tournament calendar of many sanctioned and non-sanctioned events. 

Pickleball Professionals

Association of Pickleball Professionals

Primarily organized to stage the APP tour of tournaments for professionals APP has online and network coverage agreements with ESPN+, Tennis Channel Plus, CBS Sports Network, Facebook and YouTube. The APP schedule includes 32 events and $2 million in prize money for the 2022 season.  It also conducts APP clinics at tour stops and stages the Next Gen series for aspiring young players.

Professional Pickleball Association

The PPA Tour consists of professional tournaments where pro players compete for Franklin PPA Points, seedings, and the prize money.  PPA 2022 events are scheduled to reach $3 million, according to PPA.  It conducts team and singles and doubles competitions as well as mixed doubles.  PPA Tour also provides viewing via Fox Sports, Tennis Channel, CBS Sports, Regional Sports Networks, Facebook, and YouTube.

Major League Pickleball

Entering its second year of competition in 2022 the league of professional teams compete in a series of events, beginning at Dreamland, Dripping Springs Texas on June 3-5.  Competition follows a team draft. MLP also stages with DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) Pickleball Night In America, featuring viewable matches between the world’s top pickleball players.

Professional Pickleball Registry

A home to certification, education, and resources needed to become a qualified pickleball instructor. PPR provides access to their specialty courses, coaching magazine, and resource library.

Independent Pickleball Resources

Pickleball Tournaments

 This comprehensive facility built for players and tournament directors provides a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly searchable tournaments resource to find pickleball events, among its most popular features.  Others include player lookup, ratings and ranking services.

Pickleball Desk

Pickleball Desk is a source for Pickleball volunteer management, designed by pickleball players, referee coordinators, and volunteer coordinators with the intention of streamlining volunteer management.