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5 Youth Soccer Drills For Midfielders

Published: 2023-11-04
5 Youth Soccer Drills For Midfielders
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Youth soccer midfielders play a pivotal role in the game, acting as the bridge between defense and attack. To excel in this key position, young players need a range of critical skills. In this blog post, we'll delve into five essential youth soccer midfielder drills that not only boost performance but also make the game more enjoyable. Practicing these drills will enhance aspiring midfielders’ passing, ball control, and decision-making abilities. Whether you're a player or a coach, understanding the importance of these soccer drills is the first step toward improving your game. Let's explore these essential techniques.


The Instep Pass:

The instep pass is vital for youth soccer midfielders as it allows them to deliver accurate, powerful, and long-distance passes. The ability to execute them precisely helps maintain possession and distribute the ball effectively, allowing midfielders to orchestrate the flow of the game and provide crucial assists. 

In this video, the USSF-certified coach Mike Araujo explains how to work on this winning passing skill, improving pass accuracy and one-touch passing.


Two-Touch Passing:

Two-touch passing promotes quick decision-making and precise ball control. This is vital for youth soccer midfielders as it allows them to react swiftly under pressure, maintain possession, and distribute the ball accurately. In fast-paced games, this skill helps midfielders process information rapidly, which is essential for retaining possession and creating goal-scoring opportunities for the team.

In this video, you’ll see how the former National Champion Eric de Sousa teaches this fundamental skill to young soccer players. 


The Cruyff Turn:

The Cruyff Turn is also a crucial skill for youth soccer midfielders. It allows them to evade opponents and protect the ball effectively by faking a shot before turning to the opposite direction. Midfielders often find themselves in tight spaces, making the Cruyff Turn invaluable for maintaining possession, creating space, and outmaneuvering defenders. 

In this video, Mike Araujo explains how to execute this soccer drill, allowing players to maintain control of the game.

Receiving with the Back Foot:

Receiving the ball with the back foot is a key skill that allows soccer players to maintain a high tempo, as well as quickly adapt to the flow of the game. Receiving with the back foot gives midfielders a full view of the field, allowing them to make informed decisions and maintain ball possession. 

Take a look at how the coach Neil McKay explains this midfield drill to young soccer players, teaching them how to keep the game under control and adapt to changing situations.


Pull Back &; Push:

The Pull Back & Push helps young soccer midfielders evade defenders and create space. This skill is particularly useful when operating in tight areas and under pressure. By utilizing the Pull Back & Push, midfielders can outwit opponents and open up passing lanes, making it a vital tool for creating goal-scoring opportunities and maintaining possession in crowded midfield areas.

With 20+ years of experience, Troy Edwards explains how to execute this youth soccer midfielder drill in this video. 



Mastering these five youth soccer midfielder drills is the key to becoming an invaluable asset to a team. This article aims to provide you with that information so that, as either a coach or athlete, you can improve your training methods. Coupled with dedicated practice, these soccer drills will elevate the young players’ performance on the field.