Usman Dildar,
Senior Contributor

Usman Dildar is a Taekwondo Master who has a successful and consistent track record of achieving success in the World Taekwondo (WT).

His extensive knowledge of global sport event management, includes organizing world and continental Taekwondo general assemblies, host city agreements and championships. Usam Dildar is experienced in assisting the World Taekwondo and World Taekwondo Europe (WTE) in arranging major term elections, continental games, World Championships and Olympic Games.

Usam Dildar Areas of Expertise:

• Sport Event Management & hosting meetings for International Olympic Committee

• Helping, Biding Cities for major world and continental games for both WT and WTE

• Coaching Teams for national and international competitions including World Championships and Olympic games

• Training Children, Cadets and Juniors

• Training individuals to achieve black belt in Taekwondo

• Grading members to Master’s degree in Taekwondo

• Market Research on sports marketing

• Direct relations with major sport equipment Companies internationally

• Technical Delegate appointed by the WT President in many WT Ranked events, World Championships & Grand Prix events

Usam Dildar Career History from 2004 to present:

April 2004 - Present

• Providing expert and professional advice, guidance and recommendations on a wide variety of events. Constantly focusing in obtaining excellent return on investment for World Taekwondo Governing Body, European Taekwondo Union and The London Taekwondo Academy Ltd.

• Analyzing industry trends

• Responsible for project progress documentation and schedule updates for WTE.

• Travelling to host cities and partner companies and holding meetings with senior managers

• Identifying and commenting on key issues at managerial meetings

• Involved in the development of National Governing Bodies (NGBs)

• Maintaining close communication with continental unions and NGBs

• Research on new competition concepts

• Research on new sport equipment and development of new competition scoring system

• Quality control of the world and continental championships

• Arrangement and set up of competition areas and technical operation meetings and equipment

• Quality control of overall event look factor

• Planned and rearranged Saudi Taekwondo Federation Internal and International Events

• Developed a world class promotion and development program for clubs in regions in Saudi Arabia

• Prepared a strategic High Performance plan for Saudi Taekwondo Federation and more participation in international stage

• Increased the government budget for Saudi Taekwondo Federation from 4 Million to 19 Millions in 2017 by presenting my plan to Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee investment panel which included 4 foreign delegates

• Recruited regional and national coaches for Saudi Arabia Taekwondo Federation for both Poomse and Kyurogy

• Appointed regional development coaches to increase participations in regional and National squad training

• Developed national referee and coaches seminars to educate them with new rules of the sport

• Designed new Kup and Dan certificates for all clubs to increase federation income and revenues

• Created a work operation structure for Saudi Taekwondo Federation Staff

• Created Job description for all staff and coaches of Saudi Taekwondo Federation

Positions Held by Usam Dildar from 1994 to Present:

1994 to Present Chairman London Taekwondo Academy Ltd

2004 to 2008 Vice Chairman World Taekwondo PR Committee

2007 to 2009 Director of Media Committee WT

2008 to 2017 Chairman West Acton Community Association London

2008 to Present Executive Council member of the World Taekwondo Festival Korea

2009 to 2018 Vice Chairman Games Committee WT

October 2011 to October 2012 International Service Manager for London 2012 Olympic Games

2011 to September 2012 Deputy Taekwondo Sport manager London 2012 Olympic Games

January 2012 to Present Member of International Advisory Committee of the World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon) Korea

February 2012 to February 2019 Deputy Secretary General WTE

February 2013 to January 2019 President Taekwondo England

March 2013 to October 2014 Spokesman for European Broadcasting Union and Euro Vision for European Championships

November 2013 to March 2016 Executive Director of Saudi Arabia Taekwondo Federation

January 2015 to February 2019 Advisor to WTE President

August 2015 Appointed by President of World Taekwondo as Secretary General Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF)

January 2015 to 2018 High Performance Director Saudi Taekwondo Federation

2016 Appointed by the World Taekwondo as Executive Board member to Rio Olympic Games

October 2016 to Present Appointed, Vice President British Taekwondo Federation

April 2017 to June 2017 Karate Technical Operation Manager for Baku Islamic Solidarity Games

April 2017 to June 2017 Taekwondo Technical Operation Manager for Baku Islamic Solidarity Games

Nov 2017 to Present, Chairman World Para-Taekwondo Games Committee

Jan 2018 to Present, Governing Board of World Para-Taekwondo

Feb 2019 to Present, Chief of Staff of the President WTE

April 2019 to Present, Certified World Taekwondo Educator