Tanya J. Porter,
Senior Contributor

Tanya Porter is a leader and liaison at the intersection of sport, science, business and technology.

Tanya Porter is a pioneer in performance technology in the Olympic sports movement and leader in development of applied sports technologies in performance and health & wellness solutions.

She has experienced collaborating with elite coaches and business executives at Olympic/professional levels, tailoring solutions to suit performance objectives, and business and athlete development needs.

Among her renowned activities she received the ALPHA Award presented by SLOAN MIT School of Business – 2015 Sports Analytics Conference as an executive team member and presenter of a revolutionary athlete monitoring solution, covering athlete data management, assessment technology integration, and sports analytics recognized as the “Most Promising Technology to Impact Sport”

She is a broad spectrum sport scientist - coordinator of high performance teams and athlete development programs and technologies, collaborating with sports performance professionals, as well as within the sports technology development industries. She is a veteran of 8 Olympic Games and was the coordinator of US Olympic Games organization’s High Performance Center which provides services for in-game’s athlete performance optimization and scouting..

Ms. Porter is a developer, architect, integrator, educator and presenter on innovations and sport performance topics to over 40 NGB organizations including: application of video analysis to scouting and sport performance, athlete GPS/UWB tracking, athlete monitoring, emerging technologies, timing accuracy, scoring theory and analysis, applied feedback theory for coaching, cooling protocols, sport specific perceptual sensory skill development and vision training, virtual reality training, athlete data management and analysis, remote coaching; and cloud based athlete monitoring.

Her non-Olympic, International Sports and non-Sports Organizations Initiatives:

Presentations, education, solutions developments with Canada’s Olympic Development - Own the Podium program; Canadian Sports Institutes; US Military Special Forces; San Antonio Spurs; Chicago Bulls; LA Lakers; numerous US university athletic and research programs and sports combine/training organizations including NBA Combine, NFL Combines, MLFB, Army All-American Combines, FBU, ESPN, Athletic Republic, Velocity/Stack and EXOS, and industry sports science and technology development and education efforts with ISTA, Entier and Zoptic.