Sophie Chiche,
Senior Contributor

Sophie Chiche is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, journalist, psychologist, and founder of Be Current.

Fueled by the desire to share, inspire, activate, and amplify, Sophie’s lifelong dedication to exploring the question of “why?” has taken her all over the world.

She’s helped craft businesses and social ventures of all shapes and sizes, written for many international publications, and served as a coach for high-powered entrepreneurs and executives in large corporations. She’s also a renowned speaker with connections to Arianna Huffington and Nelson Mandela.

Sophie struggled with weight from her teens to her early forties, ultimately reaching 350 pounds before turning her life around and losing close to 200 of them.

Growing up and into her adult life, “working out” was synonymous with pulling muscles and breaking bones. And that stayed true even after she dropped the weight.

Sophie stepped onto a Pickleball court summer of 2021 with her life partner, Wally - together, they’ve played every day and, on many days, multiple times. On the court is where they met Carrie Lane - Pickleball coach turned friend and business partner.

The trio created Pickleball-based Point Made with a mission of integrating Pickleball coaching, neuro intelligence, and mindset design to create a holistic experience, improving Pickleball players’ lives and games.

Sophie’s TedTalk