Sophia Deben,
Senior Contributor

Dr. Sophia Deben is an active and avid sports enthusiast, who also happens to be a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with subspecialty training in foot and ankle surgery. In her over ten years of practice, she has served athletic communities from all ages and in several cities across the country. Her broad training and exposure has allowed her to cull the most cutting-edge ideas and interventions, specifically tailored to her athlete's needs.

With a deep understanding of cell-based therapies, sports physiology, biomechanics, anatomy and nutrition, she offers her athletes comprehensive care for their injuries. Her extensive knowledge of the multiple levels of support that an athlete in training needs allows her to be sought after by players and competitiors from almost all major sports. Her noteworthy experience during her seven year commitment to the United States Navy caring for the active duty and special forces communities as a Commander and military physician gave her singular insight and understanding of the multiple needs of an athlete.

Focusing on the basic principles of symmetric/balanced strength, alignment and flexibility coupled with her focus on biohacking and longevity, Dr. Deben is sure to bring valuable insight and prevention strategies to our athletes.

She is a native of Miami, Florida from Cuban-born parents and is fluent in Spanish. When not in the operating room, Dr. Deben enjoys riding her Cervelo, swimming on key biscayne, or walking her 155 lb. great dane, Giannis.

After graduating Coral Gables Senior High School, she attended The George Washington University on a full, Presidential Honors Scholarship. She stayed at GWU for medical school, utilizing a Health Professions Scholarship from the United States Navy. Once completing her orthopaedic training, she spent seven years supporting our active duty Marines, sailors, soldier and airmen caring for elite athletes and forward-deployed personnel. She was stationed at Naval Medical Center San Diego, at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune and at Camp Al-Taqqadam in Iraq. She achieved the rank of Commander prior to separating from the United States Navy.

Dr. Deben regularly cares for patients from all age groups and all walks of life. Her goal is to return her patients to their desired level of activity and comfort on their time frame and in a way the aligns with their goals. She also encourages preventive health measures to include diet optimization, exercise therapy and shoe modifications. She works with local coaches and therapists to help tailor rehabilitation to her clients needs. Patients who elect therapy at her center benefit from a close, team-like approach to their recovery. For patients who select surgical management, she offers a comprehensive pre- and post-surgical plan that allows them to navigate the journey through surgery as comfortably as possible.

As a woman and a female athlete, she understands the specific needs of women and how they impact their daily lives. Being open to discuss these particular needs brings great comfort and peace to her female clients. Feeling like your doctor really understands you is critical in formulating an effective treatment plan. Dr. Deben provides this regularly.

Dr. Deben also works regularly with injured workers. Her goal is an early diagnostic panel and a rapid return to work. She communicates regularly and often with nurse case managers and adjustors. She provides the DWC-25 at the time of discharge after each clinic visit to the patient and faxes the DWC by close of business that day to the prescribed individual. We honor all carrier contracts and are able to respect the budget restrictions for their care.




  • Fellow, American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society
  • Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Alpha Omega Alpha

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