Sifu Slim,
Senior Contributor

Sifu Slim has authored The Aging Athlete and Sedentary Nation. Due soon is his Raising a Child Athlete.

Sifu (Cantonese for Teacher or Master) Slim is a fitness and wellness educator who has the sense of levity—including athletic moves and dance steps—to liven up his presentations. He has been called “Bruce Lee meets Jack LaLanne, trapped inside a Gilligan body, with a helping of a cleaner George Carlin mixed in.”

Sifu’s works are built upon more than 2,000 interviews and experiences of athletes before, during, and after years of their peak years of high-performance training and competition as well as their families, coaches, and even therapists.

He is also a multi-sport athlete: BJJ, Fitness (including YogaP, bar workouts, and crawling), Swimming, Running, Cross Training, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, and Hiking.

"The normal fitness guy has bulging biceps," he jokes, "I have bulging energy and perseverance, and 14,000 workouts—since starting with TV show host Jack LaLanne back in 1967—is the proof."

He is a proponent of daily fitness programs to create healthy lifestyle habits. Sifu has written over 6,000 pages on human performance and wellness. He has a Personal Training Credential from the NSCA.

He will appear Volume of Sports Psychology IAP Book Series Cultural Psychology: Constructing Human Development