Shannon Kneisler,
Senior Contributor

Starting golf at the age of fourteen might have seemed late for the Texas native but Shannon found success quickly by winning her first junior golf tournament only three weeks after holding a club. She credits her late father, Roger, in having the largest influence on her love for the game and support. She played NCAA Division 1 golf that led to competing on the LPGA Tour. Shannon was unable to play competitive golf again after a near-death car accident but found her real passion in teaching golf, especially after being mentored by Ken Venturi, and being trained by the nation’s best sports physiatry doctors. Helping 55+ golfers find their ‘mature swing’ and new golfers to find their unique anatomy swings are what Shannon enjoys most. She is empathetic to pain and injury having known it so well herself. Her studies are centered in fundamentals that work with your body and not against it. You will see immediate results because the swing is built to you.

You might have seen Shannon on the YouTube, Golf Channel, Fox Sports or read her articles in many golf magazines. Shannon is a LPGA Class A Golf Professional. She has been a golf instructor for 15 years with the Crystal Cruises, “World's Best Cruise Ship” and worked with many golf industry organizations as a Marketing Director, most recently CaddieNow. Having taught over thousands of golfers, traveled to over 80 countries she says we all have one goal in common, ‘it’s fun to play well without pain.’ Her husband, Matthew, son and daughter, live in Fort Worth, Texas. Shannon enjoys sketching, biking, making bread and helping manage a non-profit organization.