Roscoe Tanner,
Senior Contributor

Roscoe Tanner is a major tennis champion, victor of the Australian Open of 1977, and was formerly the number four ranked player in the world.

Roscoe, otherwise renowned for nearly a quarter of a century, holding the tennis world’s record for the fastest serve, clocked at 153 mph at the Palm Springs event in 1978 until Andy Roddick surpassed it in 2004.

Roscoe, runner-up at Wimbledon in 1979 had similar US Open finished twice. He won 16 singles titles on tour and 15 in doubles.

Playing for the US Davis Cup for 5 years, he enjoyed the championship in 1981.

Collegiately, at Stanford Roscoe graduated with a degree in political science and was named three times to the All-American tennis team, winning the national championship in doubles and twice as runner-up in singles.