Randy Huntington,
Senior Contributor

Randy Huntington is an internationally famous speed and horizontal jumping coach who produced a pair of world record holders in long and triple jumps.

Now a coach to coaches via his career-long Kaizen Sports Performance coaching consultancy, Randy has coached athletes in multiple sports, including Mike Powell, Willie Banks, Sheila Hudson, Wayne Gretzky, Denver Broncos, Kenta Bell, and many others.

Randy’s Kaizen Sports Performance was established in 1986 as a sports performance consulting business created to meet the needs of elite post-collegiate, club, professional athletes, and individuals desiring a high level of performance in their chosen activity.

Kaizen is a Japanese term that means "good change", "change for the better", or "improvement,” and represents Randy Huntington’s coaching philosophy well.

Throughout its time, Randy’s KSP included the design and implementation of annual and quadrennial training plans for numerous sports, including track and field, football, baseball, hockey, auto racing, and tennis. KSP athletes under Huntington's direct supervision have accomplished the following:

• 2 World Record holders (Mike Powell and Willie Banks)

• 4 American Record holders

• 11 Olympic Team members

• 9 World Championship Team Members

Internationally, Randy is currently coaching the Chinese National Team in horizontal jumping and sprinting, previously a weaker segment of the team. Since involving Randy over a decade ago, the team has had great success in events that historically were underrepresented on the international stage.

It has earned a medal in every major Regional or International Championship it has participated in since 2013, including two national records in Long Jump and Triple Jump.

This includes seven medals in the 2014 Asian Games, World Junior Champion 2014, Three finalists in men's long jump with Bronze medalist and one semi-finalist in women's 100m in 2015 IAAF World Championships, Bronze medalist in men's LJ, Gold medalist in 2016 Asian Indoor, Gold and Bronze medalist in IAAF World Indoor, and two finalists and Bronze medalist in Rio 2016. In 2017, he started coaching Su Bingtian, who broke Chinese and Asian Records in 100m and 60m indoors, along with achieving the first individual medal in the World Indoor Championships with a silver medal.

Randy has been in advisory, coaching, and leadership roles for companies, national teams, professional teams, and athletes. That list is long and reflects success in many forms. Featured on the list:

Kaiser Sports; The Korean Association of Athletic Federations; Copper Ranch Athletic Club; Swiss Massai, US; Michigan State University; US Olympic Committee Training Center at Chula Vista, CA; Gold Medal Management.

Similarly long and impressive is the list of athletes and teams who have experienced Huntington track and field and speed coaching. NFL, MLB, and NHL stars are prominent, and equally impressive are the champions, Olympians, and medalists. Names like Gretzky, IMG, Bengals, Phillies, Eagles, and two-time Duathlon world champion Maddy Tormoen stand out.

Further, at Keiser Sports, he was Director of Marketing and Education for MBT Shoes and later developed a starting spike for Chinese bobsledders and skeleton athletes. His Director of Education role at Keiser Sports included consultation with a host of baseball teams. Also, working with Step Rehe and AP, which became EXOS' first football combine classes.

Additionally, Randy consulted with a number of pro football teams and worked with many players individually, and with the Denver Broncos was fully on staff.