Patrick T. Conway,
Senior Contributor

Patrick T. Conway, MS, CSCS, CEP, EIM2, SFMA, FMS, TRX

Currently working at Veterans Health Administration as an Exercise Physiologist

Specialties: He develops exercise programs which transform an average athlete into a competitive winning athlete. He helps injured athletes recover from injuries while also reducing their chance of having another injury later in training.

Methods: Using video motion software, Functional Movement Screening and up to date Peer Reviewed fitness testing protocols, he analyzes athletes to determine their needs and risks before prescribing any exercise program. His prescribed conditioning programs reduce future injuries while enhancing performance because they develop the entire athlete and not simply target a single movement or event.

Results: He has created many programs for individuals and groups which significantly reduced injuries while enhancing performance. His programs on average showed reduction of injuries by 24% and performance increases of 15-20% when implemented with military personnel.

Experience: He has been a certified Exercise Physiologist sense 1999 and have done athletic training for over 14 years. He is certified by the ACSM, NSCA, FMS and TRX and have advanced degrees, holding a Master’s in Exercise Science from Oklahoma State University and Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Oklahoma Baptist University. He has previous experience as an emergency first responder with the State of Nevada and was an EMT, Fire Fighter and Hazardous Material First Responder. He additionally worked over 8 years as an anti-terrorist tactical response team member assigned as a SWAT member certified by the D.O.E. Central Training Academy, Albuquerque, with level one and level 2 Special Response Training tactics.