Nico Verresen,
Senior Contributor

Following his career as a professional fighter, work as an assistant professor, and published quality of life researcher at the University of Brussels, Nico Verresen began working with elite athletes, and executives to help them turn stress into a competitive advantage through coaching and hypnosis.

He continues to help ambitious athletes build careers by offering mindset and performance coaching designed for champions.

He teaches clients to turn stress into their competitive advantage to ignite their next level of success with the mindset and hypnosis strategies. Nico’s right mindset strategies are designed to break through barriers, promoting greater levels of success.

As the head striking and mental coach for Bali Mixed Martial Arts, he trained MMA and Muay Thai fighters, including Tiffany van Soest, the first female champion in Glory World Kickboxing, and Aleide Lawant of Enfusion World Title Kickboxing.

Earlier as Muay Thai and MMA fighter he was five-time Belgian, Benelux, European Vice World Champion. In his University of Brussels position as Assistant Professor, he specialized in research of quality of life, subjective wellbeing, love theories, and adult attachment spaces.

He earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Brussels in 2007.