Mona Pretorius De Lacey,
Senior Contributor

Mona Pretorius de Lacey is a 6-time Karate World Champion and CrossFit Games athlete, as well as a Commonwealth Games medalist in Olympic Weightlifting and a 5-time Worlds competitor.

She is the co-owner of Lift Big Eat Big (Head Weightlifting Coach).

The Lift Big, Eat Big App, training programs, online courses, and the community helps a weightlifter reach their genetic ceiling t strength, muscle mass, and technique.

Mona also owns Helping Psychology where she works with athletes and coaches to improve their mental performance. It is designed to provide prospective students and Psychology practitioners with relevant and unbiased information primarily focusing on sports psychology. Its mission is s to produce well-educated athletes who can use mental training tools to unleash their inner beast.

She has an Honours Degree in Sport Psychology as well as an Honours Certificate in Mindfulness Training.

Lift Big Eat Big

Helping Psychology