Mike Knapp,
Senior Contributor

Mike Knapp is a runner, writer, and coach. He is a seasoned marathon runner, having completed 8 marathons and 18 half-marathons, and is passionate about helping athletes reach their full potential. With expertise and coaching skills, he inspires and motivates clients to achieve their goals and lead healthy lifestyles.

When not running or coaching, Mike writes and says, whether your goal is to run a 5K or set your personal best in the marathon, a coach is a vital part of training and performance. A coach helps with motivation and accountability while providing a program written specifically that focuses on goals and dreams.

Mike is different, not the kind of coach who will send out schedules on Sunday night with wishes to have a great week. He is a hands-on coach who will work with clients to build a plan that will serve them physically and mentally, ready for Race Day. He makes himself available and plays an active part in hands-on coaching.

His coaching philosophy began as an athlete growing up, and playing for coaches all over the spectrum, learning from most of them. But the coaches that got the most from Mike were the ones that encouraged him, knowing when to push and when not to, and took the time to explain his role and expectations to him.