Mehdi Mirza,
Senior Contributor

Mehdi Mirza is currently a London Taekwondo Academy 4th Dan Black Belt and has competed and coached internationally.

He is the Co-founder of Quick Recovery Unit in West London and is contracted as Managing Director of Optimum Body in Park Royal London.

QRU specializes in cryotherapy, sports therapy, and health and fitness. Optimum Body provides testing of food sensitivity to optimize health and fitness.

His extensive career in the sports and wellness industry includes periods as Chief Operations Officer of KTW Academy, as President of the British Student Taekwondo Federation, and as Head of Education and Sport at Krogab UK Limited in Manchester, UK.

Prior to this, Mirza developed UK markets for Dartfish in the UK and Ireland for Olympic and professional sports competitors, coaches, and teams.

Furthering a broad sports experience, he directed events for Taekwondo England Ltd and advised Train2Game, a gaming industry instruction organization.

As a volunteer, Mehdi Mirza organized International Fight Camps in Hungary for 8 years for university students, and was the elected president of the British Student Taekwondo Federation for 7 consecutive years.

He was educated at the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University.