Matthew Caldaroni,
Senior Contributor

Matthew Caldaroni is a resilience coach and Founder/CEO of Molliteum, Inc. He has worked with highly rated professional sports and business world individuals.

Earning a soccer scholarship at the age of seventeen, he became a professional player in Italy, at the age of nineteen. Through experience, Matthew realized there was an unseen personal resilient advantage that lay beneath the surface of people—commonly called grit and mental toughness.

Caldaroni calls resilience the extra gear within high performers. It is what separates the average from the legendary and the “try-er’s” from the “do-er’s,” he says.

He created a system to help athletes and others build a resilient lifestyle, branding it Molliteum, defined as resilience.

A strong segment of his Toronto-based practice is counsel to the recovery of injured athletes. “Current return-to-play protocols often include a strong evidence-based physical aspect, but lack a strong evidence-based mental aspect”, a white paper he published on the subject says, adding, “There must be a mental protocol in place for both an athlete’s return to play and pain management.”

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences, Kinesiology, from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, minoring in Psychology. He is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.