Marsha Freso,
Senior Contributor

Marsha Freso is USA Pickleball’s Western Section Officiating leader and a regular contributor to SportsEdTV’s Ask Our Refs feature which answers pickleball questions from our community.

Marsha is considered one of the leading referees in pickleball and joins her husband Byron, said by many to be the leading referee in the sport.

Together they travel the Association of Pickleball Professionals—APP Tour as Byron is its Head Referee and Marsha is a regular official on USA Pickleball's first sanctioned professional tour.

Marsha, a Detroit native, prefers playing, but the calling to join Byron in providing high-quality officiating was hers to answer.

Prior to 2020 when officiating began to usurp more of her playing time, Marsha created a commendable competitive record of gold, silver, and bronze medals in women’s doubles, mixed doubles, and singles events at numerous tournaments throughout the country including the Huntsman World Senior Games, USAPA Nationals, State Games of America, National Senior Games, and US Open.