Marina Carbonari,
Senior Contributor

Marina Carbonari is a staff athlete consultant of Athlete Sports Media Scholarships. She is originally from Brazil and came to the US in 2013 with a swimming scholarship for an NCAA Division 2 college, Limestone University in South Carolina.

Having the opportunity as a collegiate athlete, definitely changed her life she says since if she went to University in Brazil, swimming would not have continued. By coming to the US, where she was able to combine studies with high-level swimming was her life-changing catalyst.

Upon graduation from Limestone university with a bachelor’s degree in general physical education-- strength and conditioning—with a minor in coaching she went on to assistant coach at a North Carolina NCAA D3 school. Her experiences included meet prep, recruiting, and logistics.

Marina then chose to pursue a Master’s degree at Delta University in Cleveland Mississippi, earning one in Sports and Human Performance. Her next live chapter took Marina to Florida where she joined Athletes Sports Media Scholarships.