Marco Belizaire,
Senior Contributor

Marco Belizaire is a Chiropractic doctor specializing in sports performance optimization.

He has worked with several world and Olympic champions, and world record holders in track and field as well as NFL and NBA athletes, making positive influences on their performances.

As a sports chiropractor, he makes sure the athletes’ bodies are healthy enough to withstand the sheer volume of time and stress they place on it

As an Olympic-level athlete, he translates the knowledge of biomechanical functions of the human body as it relates to increased peak performance from a neuromusculoskeletal point of view.

Belizaire's Olympic experience has given him the understanding of correct bio-mechanical functions required to reach peak performance.

His education as a chiropractic doctor, and post-graduate education in sports chiropractic, developed his skill set necessary to assess and deliver effective neuro-musculoskeletal treatment for accelerating healing from injury, optimizing human performance, predicting and preventing injury.

Dr. Belizaire’s Sports Chiropractor Professional Experience:

2019 USA Track & Field Championships; 2016 USA Track and Field Olympic Team Trials; 2014 IAAF Continental Cup, Team America Sports medicine staff; 2013 IAAF Outdoor World Championships, USATF Sports Medicine Staff; 2012 USA Track and Field Olympic Team Trials; 2012 IAAF Indoor World Championships, USATF Sports Medicine Staff; 1999 Finnish Olympic Team Pre-Olympic Training Camp; 2012 USATF World Indoor Championships Sports Medicine Team; 2013 USATF World Outdoor Championships Sports Medicine Team and 2014 IAAF Continental Cup Americas Team Sports Medicine Team

Additionally, he served as: USA Track & Field Sports Medicine & Science Committee, a presidential appointment in 2017; a member of Costa Rica’s Technical Committee selecting athletes for the Sydney Olympics; on the field chiropractor to the DB track team composed of 20 Elite T&F Athletes coached by Rana Reider who was named USATF-Nike Coach of the year for 2011; chiropractor for the Speed Dynamics International Training group under the leadership of Coach Loren Seagrave-One of the top track coaches in the world.

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