Luiz Carlos Rodrigues Da Silva,
Senior Contributor

Luiz Carlos Rodrigues da Silva is the head coach of Brazil’s Under 19 National Volleyball team.

He has been coaching the Brazilian Under 19 National Team performances in the World Championships during the last decade, developing top volleyball players’ growth into the renowned Brazilian National Senior team.

He was a college professor for a decade before coaching full-time in Brazil's national team system.

In 2014 and 2015, Prof. Luiz Carlos was the top Master Coach of volleyball for the whole Southern Region of Brazil.

A Federation or International Volleyball Coach Level IV, he graduated in Exercise Science through University Gama Filho, in Rio de Janeiro where he concluded multiple Graduate School level courses in High-Performance training, Youth Sports Development, Talent Development, and Physical Education/Fitness.

Known also as Kadylac, Louis Carlos has worked in Flamengo Futebol Clube as the Head Director for Youth Sports.

He is currently working at the Sada Cruzeiro/Praia men’s volleyball program.