Lisabeth Begin,
Senior Contributor

Lisabeth A. Begin: a 40+ year professional in communications, television, video/digital production, media relations, public relations, and promotion, brings to her position strong skills as a consummate communication strategist, producer/director, advertising, and a promotions campaign manager.

From county government to the federal government to major corporations, Begin has been sought out to develop strategies for dissemination of training and educational and informational materials.

Begin wide variety of PR clients have been musicians, artists, authors, motivational speakers, real estate developers, and two golf tours.

Her productions include over 4,200 commercials, television shows, corporate industrials, training tapes, and infomercials. Lisabeth’s advertising and production strengths are manifested in delivering a clear and entertaining message to clients’ target audiences. From concept to completion she works with a personalized approach.

Lisabeth's clients include; the US Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon Police, McDonald's, Charlie Daniels, the Associated Press, Entertainment Tonight, Author/TV Host–Lynn Fischer, Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Grand Ole Opry, HSN Promotions, Senior Series Golf Tour, Teens on the Green, Inside Edition and the American Journal.

Lisabeth Begin has had a varied background beginning in television news, continuing with corporate communication, producing and directing for network and cable television, while keeping abreast of trends in technology and business through ongoing education via Harvard Business School’s Leadership Development Workshop, Tom Peters - Management Development Seminar, and Rutgers University’s Leadership Development Workshop.