Lisa Stone,
Senior Contributor

Lisa Stone is the creator of Parenting Aces, a podcast and digital platform for junior and college tennis parents and coaches.

A graduate of UCLA, Lisa Stone is a mom who also happens to be a tennis mom.

As the former Chair of the Georgia Governor's Commission on Physical Fitness & Sports and President of Fit For 2, Inc., Stone has been involved in the fitness and sports arena for over 25 years and is the recipient of the 2019 USTA Georgia Marc Kaplan Media Excellence Award.

She has played tennis her entire life though never at the level her youngest child reached.

Through Parenting Aces digital platform and the Parenting Aces podcast, as well as multiple social media platforms, Stone shares what she’s learned about navigating the Junior Tennis Journey and College Recruiting with other parents and coaches who are hungry for her insights and knowledge.

She has given Tennis Parents a true voice. Lisa Stone is available for speaking engagements, tournament consulting, and college recruiting guidance.

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