Lawrence Moreno,
Senior Contributor

Lawrence Moreno is based in Scotland and Spain, spending six months in each country annually. As an accomplished junior player Lawrence was a ranked competitor during his youth and college careers.

At age 25 he suffered a broken leg. He never recovered fully and as a result became interested in coaching and studying tennis strategy and mindset.

This led him to gain experience coaching junior players and writing two tennis mindset books. The latest book titled Tennis Psychology is available here.

Moreno’s work shares:

  • How to cultivate a winning mindset that will get you through the toughest opponents and the most difficult matches
  • Your biggest edge as a player that makes the difference between winning and losing your matches
  • 9 unwritten tennis rules you need to know about before you play a single point
  • Key characteristics that matter more than talent in becoming the best tennis player you can be
  • How to stop doubts, worries, and fears from distracting you from playing your best
  • Effective strategies to use against the different types of tennis players – and beat them at their own game
  • Gear and equipment recommendations that will maximize your performance and increase your chances of winning
  • Workout routines that will prepare your body to move well, hit hard, and serve accurately

His brand – We Seriously Love Tennis - presents tennis-related content for his training, researching, and coaching efforts.

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