Laurent Debrousse,
Senior Contributor

Laurent Debrousse, former strength and conditioning coach to France-based athletes and teams has become McLloyd's Managing Director in Miami.

McLloyd provides the only centimetric tracking system that matches the sports industry’s highest standards. In 2018 McLloyd opened a US office in Miami, now the system is being used by the top coaches and sports organizations in North America.

Laurent earned a University Diploma in European Physical Preparation and a Master specializing in mental preparation and strength and conditioning and fitness training while in Nice graduating from License STAPS with a bachelors specializing in sports training and performance

He started his career has a tennis coach at Daniel Contet Academy and was an S&C coach at BFS Training, Nice, France. BFS training is now one of the top training facilities in Europe for tennis players.

During the 2010s Laurent served as an S&C coach at Racing 92 in Paris. In 2016 his team won the French rugby championship and reached the European Champions Cup finale.