Kipling Sanders,

Kipling Luke Sanders was a chosen child, adopted as a baby. His biological parents are of Korean and African descent. His amazing adoptive parents brought him to the United States and provided him with a life of education and access.

Kip has his Masters in Aeronautical Science and is a credentialed Tennis Coach. Despite the exceptional opportunities afforded, Kip experienced a life of challenges brought on by his self-doubt and actions.

Yet, it was these hurdles that drove him to find balance and success in turning his tragedies into triumphs. He has crafted these life lessons into engaging books for both children and adults.

Kip’s debut children’s book, “The Wonderful Adventures of Lemur Blue,” will launch this fall. It is the story of a lemur learning how to play the game of tennis as he overcomes self-doubt and challenges from the diversity of formidable competitors. It is a book about inclusion and perseverance.

Kipling continues to write as he shares his speaking program with his message of confidence, world peace, balance, and love through a revised perception of oneself.