Kim McGuire,
Senior Contributor

Kim McGuire (Formerly Bachrouche) co-founded Ansboury Consulting, a 4.5 – 5.0 rated pickleball player, and an equally accomplished businesswoman with a 5.0 rated career in corporate America.

Her love for pickleball and business led Kim to create the Ansboury Consultants, LLC with Sarah Ansboury, the SportsEdTV pickleball coach and competitor.

Kim’s influence played a key role in the APP Tour.

The consultancy created in 2022 is filling the void where their expertise can share techniques and programs with individual clubs and facilities to help monetize pickleball.

Kim's business acumen was gained over two decades, much in government medical contract management overseeing geographically separated staff. She has expertise in quality assurance, risk management, negotiation, program development, and project management.