Joe Kenn,
Senior Contributor

A 30+ year coaching veteran on the Private, High School, College, and Professional level, Joe Kenn is a proven leader in the field of athletic performance. His highlight achievement, voted on by his peers, was being named the 2015 NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.

Coach Kenn is presently the Vice President of Performance Education for Dynamic Fitness and Strength based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin ( Coach Kenn’s role includes overseeing the educational content that is created for the site, as well as being a brand ambassador for the company.

Recently, Coach Kenn completed a nine-year stint at the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. During his time, the Panthers earned three consecutive NFC South titles, four play-off appearances, a NFC Conference Championship, and a place in Super Bowl 50. He coached 33 Pro Bowlers and 14 AP All Pro athletes during his stay in Carolina.

Coach is a highly sought-after speaker and has published numerous materials. His book, The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook (Coaches Choice) is one of the most popular books worldwide in the field of strength and conditioning. Coach Kenn has authored 2 eBooks, Push, Jump, Punch A Developmental Process for Teaching the Power Clean to Athletes (HARD COPY) and The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook for Football. He is recognized for developing the Tier System Strength Training program as well as the Block Zero Concept, the pre cursor for Long Term Athletic Development.

Coach Kenn has been a part of over 30 publications from numerous journals and magazines. They include but are not limited to, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Strength and Conditioning Journal, Journal of Human Movement, Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Training and Conditioning, and Powerlifting USA. He has also presented at 60 plus events over his career both stateside and oversees.

Coach Kenn and his wife Angela are co-owners of Big House Power Competitive Athletic Training ( A web based company designed as an educational outpost for coaches and athletes. Coach Kenn also does consulting and hosts clinics from his private facility in Clemmons, NC.

Coach Kenn is considered one of the most decorated strength and conditioning coaches in the history of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has won both the Collegiate (2002) and the Professional (2013) Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year awards. He is the only member to have accomplished this feat. Among his other awards, he was also named the NSCA Big West (1998) and Mountain West (2000) Strength Coach of the Year.

He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a Registered Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Emeritus Status (RSCC*E), a Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC), and a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach (MSCC). He earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health and Sports Science from Wake Forest University and a Master’s of Arts in Education from Boise State University.

Coach Kenn has led the strength and conditioning departments of Boise State University, University of Utah, and Arizona State University. He has been responsible with overseeing the athletic development of over 30 different sports. Before specializing in football, Coach Kenn spent his early years working with numerous Women’s sports. He has also worked at Pine Crest Preparatory School, Wake Forest University, University of Louisville, and Big House Power Competitive Athletic Training. Coach Kenn has competed in powerlifting, strongman, and highland games.