JJ Rivet,
Senior Contributor

JJ Rivet is one of the pioneers of biomechanics applied to sports. Based on a scientific method and 20 years spent on the various professional golf circuits of the PGA, as well as on the competition sites of other sports such as rugby / windsurf / motor racing and motorcycle, JJ Rivet has developed 2 totally innovative concepts:

• The Biomecaswing concept
• The Biomecasport concept

They combine the knowledge of applied biomechanics with the understanding of sporting gesture and the latest technologies in sports engineering.


In the 90s, Taylormade and SIDAS were among the first companies to use the JJ Rivet's expertise in applied biomechanics.

This is also when he created the first "biomechanical screening" to prevent the risks for pilots subjected to fatigue (KTM and Schlesser Team on the World Rally Raid Championship from 1998 to 2001). Solutions are also defined to anticipate these problems and help maintaining an optimal level of performance.

In 1998, he created the Biomecaswing concept and installed his headquarter in 2005 in the magnificent golf resort of Terre Blanche.

The Biomecaswing Performance Center was born from an obvious meeting point between two men, guided by the same passion for sport:

Mr. Dietmar Hopp first, owner of the resort with his avant-garde vision of sport, his determination to develop a exceptional resort, and JJ Rivet eager to develop its innovative concept in Europe.

Since 2008, JJ Rivet has created with Rob Hillman, the European Tour Performance Institute, a service that optimizes the golfers' performance on the European tour, whose Terre Blanche is one of the bastions. He is head of the Sport Performance Department of ETPI, in charge of Biomechanical Monitoring.

At the same time, his involvement in the development of new performance optimization concepts led him to lead Under Armour's innovation department for Europe.

For 7 years he as also been the biomechanist of the French golf teams, which he follows with his team from October to April.

JJ Rivet MSc.2, Associate Researcher Institute of Sciences of the Movement E.J.Marey (University of the Mediterranean-Marseille) teaches applied biomechanics as part of the Master of Sports Engineering's framework.