Jim Hartnett,
Senior Contributor

Jim Hartnett is a PGA member, author, researcher, and instructor. He has earned notoriety with his study of eye dominance and its influence on golf technique.

Hartnett’s eye dominance research is published in Golf For The Other 80%

. It speaks to the premise that most accomplished golfers—the gifted 20%--are right-handed players with left-eye dominance who have become the source of most golf instruction.

His career has included engagement at PGA West, Kapalua, and Sahalee Country Club and has been influenced by golf theorists David Leadbetter, Rick Acton, Jim McLean, Tim Mitchell, and Gregory Fields.

He works with high-profile professionals, mostly, though contends his research and teachings are inspired by bringing solutions to the large community of average golfers seeking to improve.

Because, right-eye dominant, right-handed players—the other 80%--need to swing different from the cross dominant players, Jim Hartnett prescribes alternative swing mechanics.

In a scholarly collaboration— Eye Dominance-Awareness Revolution – with Optometrist Richard Hughes and Dr. Geraint Griffiths founder of Sportsvision UK, the paper adds professional substance to Hartnett’s golf research and training.

While his eye dominance focus is on golf, Hartnett has consulted with coaches in multiple sports and agrees there very likely is an advantage to be gained by further study.