Jeffrey Sparr,
Senior Contributor

Jeff Sparr is living proof of the power of creativity to change lives.

Diagnosed in college with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Jeff spent the next 20 years fighting against his mental illness while trying to live a “normal” life—launching a business, getting married and starting a family.

Then one day, Jeff decided to try his hand at painting, and discovered a secret that would change the course of his life forever. He found painting dramatically subdued the symptoms of his OCD, providing a creative outlet and sense of control that was missing from his life.

For Jeff, the discovery of painting was the discovery of his superpower and his purpose in life. Jeff has dedicated his life to sharing this healing superpower to people in need around the globe through his painting, speaking, and workshops.

Jeff’s superpower is channeled into his art. He merges his uninhibited style of art with extensive life experiences to create one-of-a-kind vivid pieces of art that feature brilliant art deco colors, poignant titles and his trademark PeaceMan character.

Jeff’s work is said to create an illusion of mystery, intrigue and inclusion. Jeff has spent the past 20 years sharing his story with diverse communities including NBC Nightly News, The Discovery Channel, NPR, Hallmark, Zappos, The World Economic Forum, YMCA Global Conference, TEDx, Social Venture Network, Ohio State University, Harvard University, Brown University Department of Neuroscience, McLean Hospital, and Cannes Lions.

His art has found its way into various galleries, private collections, permanent installations, the Grammy’s MusiCares and served as inspiration for various retail merchandise and cause related campaigns.

In addition to being the PeaceMan, Jeff is most proud to be a loving husband and caring Dad to his three children.


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