James De Lacey,
Senior Contributor

James de Lacey holds a Master's degree in Sport & Exercise Science. He has worked with professional, elite, and international athletes in three different countries.

He is a strength and conditioning coach and writer, author educator. His training focus on MMA is highlighted in his Sweet Science of Fighting mixed martial arts coaching. He is also co-founder of Lift Big Eat Big, nutrition and coaching advice for weightlifters.

He has been a weightlifting coach at the National level and passes on his competitive experiences via an assemblage of colleagues in the strength and conditioning world.

Widely published in science, James's career in sports touched many sports including athletes in sailing motocross, boxing, kickboxing, cricket, rugby, triathlon, and more, beginning in Auckland, New Zealand.

James got his first taste of the United States working in the new professional competition the Major League Rugby where his team the Austin Huns won the national championship in his first year.

He currently reviews three strength and conditioning research journals for Science for Sport's Performance Digest and has published them in HMMR Media, Tnation, Stack Magazine, and others.

Through educational posts, scientific information, and dispelling common truths, his goal is to provide practical information possible for training

Lift Big Eat Big

Sweet Science of Fighting