Jacques DeVore,
Senior Contributor

Jacques DeVore is the founder of Sirens and Titans and Plannibble.

Jacques began his career in fitness training as an athlete. He competed as a wrestler in high school and college at UC Davis. Jacques also competed in cross country, track, lacrosse, martial arts, and both mountain bike and road bike races.

His primary training was in wrestling. Wrestling requires great functional fitness and a good understanding of body composition and nutrition. His experience and current passion for exercise fueled his desire to learn more and focus on the science of strength and conditioning and nutrition.

He is also the co-author of Bicycling's Maximum Overload for Cyclists, published by Rodale Press.

Earlier, Jacques was CEO of Vert Sports Performance Center in Santa Monica. H actively began training world-class athletes. He trained football players getting ready for the NFL combine, basketball players in the NBA, and tennis, wrestling, grappling, track, baseball, cycling, and many other athletes. You can see more of the athletes Jacques has trained at Sirens and Titans and find his classic fitness blog on Building the Perfect Athlete.

Jacques decided to leave Vert and open Titan Sports Performance in Santa Barbara and create his training center. Titan was the first sports performance center in Santa Barbara at the time. Over the last

For 25 years, Titan has provided training to hundreds of athletes, teams, and individuals in Santa Barbara. It was followed eight years ago by Sirens and Titans Fitness of Los Angeles.

Jacques is licensed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Specialist in Conditioning and Strength. He also coaches' cyclists and passed the examination to be an Expert Cycling coach for USA Cycling. He holds nutritional certifications from Precision Nutrition and Primal Health Coach.

As a working adult, he established a career outside of sports and fitness in the management of money and the trading of securities. He was a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank and eventually created his own options and futures trading fund.

For all of Jacque's life, he has been competing as an athlete, coaching, and training athletes and individuals on how to improve their fitness. He has not only trained others but is living proof of his training methods. He has kept his fitness at a level that allows him to competitively race his bicycle with minimal training time.

Jacques has accomplished this through his understanding of the science of how the human body performs and responds to training as well as how to maintain this fitness when life gets in the way. He is also the unofficial mile record holder on the Versaclimber climbing machine.

Jacques is a resident and active member of the Los Angeles business community. He is past president of Business Exchange 100, a Los Angeles professional business organization. Mr. DeVore has been a "Big Brother" of Los Angeles to 3 little brothers for over 18 years, is a past member of the Board of Directors of Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles, and a past member of the Executive Committee.

Jacques was a member of the board of the Daniel Freeman Hospital Foundation before the hospital's sale to Tenet Healthcare.

Jacques was born in Texas and raised in California. Jacques has a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of California Davis and an MBA from Pepperdine University and was invited to discuss shaping global projects as a visiting scholar to MBA students at Stanford University.

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