Isaac Kodsi,
Senior Contributor

Isaac Kodsi is a pioneer in the world of sports-related movement. After a long and successful career in business and law, he returned to his roots as an athlete to develop some ground-breaking and effective training methods using the trampoline.

For athletes, his methods include creating vibrations and muscle contractions by ‘shaking’ on the trampoline, not jumping. His custom-designed sports routines help athletes simulate the movements they need for success in their sport in a safe, impact-free regimen. The lack of impact means athletes can perform more movements with less stress on the joints and body, and the trampoline’s rebound effect also means more and quicker repetitions and allows for faster muscle-memory attainment, thus shortening training times without sacrificing results. Many athletes have been using mini-trampolines for years for similar reasons. Isaac has taken this concept to the next level for athletes.

Isaac played Division I collegiate basketball at Boston University and then professionally in Israel. He is the founder of SHAKE (an online trampoline-based wellness program found at ) and SHAKE BACKYARD, an in-person wellness center where he conducts both private and group classes based on his online program routines.