Ilana Kearns,
Senior Contributor

Ilana Kearns is an IRONMAN by avocation.

She is also an expert marketing and communications consultant vocationally in a role that involves supporting top-tier operations' strategy, execution, and holistic employee engagement strategies for executive leaders.

She’s a competing member of Team IMF, the IRONMAN Foundation’s network of IRONMAN athletes who are dedicated to leaving their IRONMAN legacy in race communities long after race day.

Ilana’s journey with IRONMAN has been transformational, leading to Boston Marathon qualification, participation, and a 2025 target in the Kona World Championships. She also holds IRONMAN TriDot coaching credentials.

Testament to grit is Ilana’s insistence on finishing a 9-mile run even after being struck by an automobile while running, breaking an elbow in the process. Her further grit is multiplied by running to rebuild lung capacity following a double mastectomy.

Ilana’s sport-enhanced character strengths apply to her career excellence, supporting executive alignment with matters that matter in her uniquely staged #goatmatters focus platform.