Iain Highfield,
Senior Contributor

Iain Highfield is a Mental Performance Coach whose expertise is gained from studying, playing, and working within numerous sports institutions and facilities.

For more than a decade he has applied that expertise educating and inspiring children, professional athletes, and businesspeople to create psychological habits of excellence.

As a leader in performance improvement through creating effective training environments and using a scientifically proven framework that leads to higher skill retention, he increases the transference of skills into stressful and pressurized situations.

He enjoys extensive coaching background in Golf, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Squash, Soccer & Tennis

More specifically, he is owner and director of Iain Highfield Consulting where he:

  • Developed and implemented successful training programs focused on improving sports performance in both individual & team settings. Collegiate, national and international levels.
  • Created a psychological conditioning program that has been used by athletes in soccer, golf, rugby, squash, and tennis worlds.
  • Golf Practice expert, designed practice programs for professional golfers on 3 major golf tours.
  • Created online education to enhance the reach of mental performance coaching.
  • Created Beyond the Mind Podcast.
  • Create effective soccer training plans that lead to higher retention and transfer of skill
  • Produce video content and education for Techne app subscribers

As a Foresight Sports Advisory Board Member, he has contributed to the software development of simulator training technology in line with the science of human learning and human performance and education on sports psychology and effective learning environments in electronic platforms and seminars.

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